Are your soccer skills "improving" or "expanding"?


Soccer practice is really good at helping players “improve” but a lot less good at helping kids “expand”.

Often times, good players are really good at doing things the wrong way.

Instead of working on their left foot skills, they’ll get really good at using their right foot in the wrong way. But they’ll get so good at it that it works really well.

Until they get into the games with other really good players.

Suddenly, those right footed “cheats” aren't working as their opponents start to key in on the single option this player has available. It’s not hard to figure out and good defenders pick it up after 2 or 3 encounters.

SocrLabs is really good at “expanding” a player’s skill set.

It’s not that we have superior coaching skills, it’s just that we have a controlled environment and hi-tech equipment that makes it really easy to force kids to use both feet.

Systems that develop the skill and confidence to use their weak foot as an additional weapon and not just count on the “single foot” game they’ve always played.

For any player that wants to move from “good” to “great”… or even “good” to “really good”, using both feet is essential.

It might seem hopeless but you’ll be amazed at how many things work better when you double your options.

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PS Expanding your options from 1 to 2 will more than double the speed you can move the ball. You’ll lose the ball less often and frustrate defenders when you become less predictable.

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