Visibly Better - The True Goal


There are other youth athlete training centers… and some are like SocrLabs in the way they look at the numbers to measure improvement.

Numbers do matter! That’s why we measure and track them.

But there’s something else that matters far more than the numbers, and this is a metric where SocrLabs blows away all the multi-sport training centers.

  • Quarter second improvement in 40 times – great news
  • Extra inch in vertical leap – fantastic
  • 32% improvement in squat strength – definite benefit

The trouble with all these great numbers is in translation. As in, “how do they translate into the sport”?

This is where SocrLabs puts a major gap between the others.

We never need to prove to the parents that their child is now faster and stronger with improved technical skills… they can visibly see the difference in the way their child plays on the field.

It’s not a bunch of meaningless performance metrics. The skills kids develop at SocrLabs relate directly to improved performance during a game – when it truly matters!

Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t always tell the right story. Believe what you see, believe it when your child is doing things on the field they never did before.

SocrLabs will give you the visible evidence you need to know your child is a better soccer player – guaranteed!

Gary Jezorski

PS These are the comments we get ALL... THE... TIME from parents of kids that train at SocrLabs.

Visible Soccer Improvement


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