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Little kickers soccer? "Isn’t my child too young for soccer training in a place like this?"

It’s a common question we hear and the answer is always the same; "if your child likes sports at all, it’s never too early to teach them the right way to play the sport."

The reality is that it doesn't matter if a child is a "little kicker", "medium kicker", "large kicker" or even an "old kicker"... learning proper technique and getting faster is going to make their time on the soccer field more fun.

It's going to give them the edge over their competitors even when their "competitors" are their friends or teammates.

After all, we do our best to teach our kids the proper way to do everything they attempt starting at the earliest age. From holding a fork at the dinner table, riding a bike without training wheels, to their first school work assignment. 

Giving your child that little head start, that extra edge, is what separates the truly successful from the rest of the field because nobody is standing still in today's world. It's competitive in every aspect and to move ahead it's critical to start before they do, do more than they do, and do it better than they do.

Not to say that every child needs to be pushed into a sport or activity just because they've kicked a ball in the back yard or does a summersault in the family room. But if your child shows a true interest in a sport like soccer, then treat it the same way you would treat their interest in reading or building things with Legos and give them the opportunity to explore their interests further.

Just remember, with little kickers or big kickers, the key to soccer is always fun. 

If soccer is fun, then getting "the edge" that makes them successful playing soccer will only fuel the passion for something they love.

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