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I admit it...we were ugly

admin - December 18, 2017
When we started SocrLabs a little over a year ago, we used only half the space we now have. The rest was filled with the items we were storing in the warehouse so when we fixed up the back half, we didn't "pretty up" the front half. When we opened the front half in the spring, things got too ...more

Functional Fitness - An Amazing Workout

admin - December 14, 2017
If you want to see kids work hard, they need to "want" to work hard and there's no better way to get kids to work hard over-and-over, day-after-day, than to make the training competitive and fun. It's why kids are always more tired and sore after a game than after even the toughest ...more
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Dipt4Sports – Try a Soccer Specialist Instead

admin - March 04, 2017
Dipt4sports in Mundelein is a great speed, strength and agility indoor training facility so when people ask me if SocrLabs is "better" than Dipt4Sports I always have the same answer for them. SocrLabs is not "better" than Dipt4Sports and SocrLabs is not "worse" than Dipt4Sports because the real ...more