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Don’t Just Let Them Play…

admin - June 01, 2018
If it’s not the most common complaint in the soccer forums, it has to be at least in the top 3; “just let the kids play”, that’s the popular formula for soccer excellence.  “Kids in the USA just need to get outside and play... play street soccer, play pickup soccer… then they will ...more

Learning Speed - Playing Soccer Faster

admin - May 31, 2018
Speed starts with reaction time so anything that can be done to train the brain to react faster will directly translate into faster overall speed of play. more

Lateral speed training

admin - May 24, 2018
Lateral speed is always a prime target to improve because it has so many real world sports applications. more

52% Speed Improvement - 1 Session

admin - May 17, 2018
Soccer speed is more than just "running fast". The fastest player on the field is not going to win races at their schools track meet. Sure, they're fast but true soccer speed involves the ball so there are special techniques and skills a soccer player needs to be "soccer fast". By making 1 ...more

Partner Dills for Extra Intensity

admin - April 26, 2018
Getting faster... faster is better accomplished when you create competition and teams. At SocrLabs, we like to create as many drills as possible that incorporate both 2 person teams and competition against other 2 person teams.more

Soccer Sprint Training

admin - April 17, 2018
Winning the 3-step race is the key to winning the ball. You'll win more races and be a more successful soccer player when you come to SocrLabs and improve your acceleration and speed to the ball.more

Soccer Agility Drills... Getting Warmed Up

admin - April 11, 2018
Getting warmed up before we start into the really high intensity sprinting off the Vertimax systems.  I really like the way these drills quickly build agility and foot speed. The brain coordination with the feet that takes place is truly amazing. Fast feet, better coordination combined ...more

Soccer Speed and Acceleration Technology

admin - April 07, 2018
Youth soccer requires speed... lots of speed and then even more speed. Sprinting helps build speed but the hi-tech equipment at SocrLabs builds speed faster than anything else you can do to gain that extra speed edge you need to win.more