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Soccer Sprint Training

admin - April 17, 2018
Winning the 3-step race is the key to winning the ball. You'll win more races and be a more successful soccer player when you come to SocrLabs and improve your acceleration and speed to the ball.more

Soccer Agility Drills... Getting Warmed Up

admin - April 11, 2018
Getting warmed up before we start into the really high intensity sprinting off the Vertimax systems.  I really like the way these drills quickly build agility and foot speed. The brain coordination with the feet that takes place is truly amazing. Fast feet, better coordination combined ...more

Soccer Speed and Acceleration Technology

admin - April 07, 2018
Youth soccer requires speed... lots of speed and then even more speed. Sprinting helps build speed but the hi-tech equipment at SocrLabs builds speed faster than anything else you can do to gain that extra speed edge you need to win.more

Scoring More With Better Shooting Targeting

admin - April 04, 2018
Too many balls hitting the posts, crossbars and going wide? There's a simple solution to getting the ball into the net and not bouncing off the metal posts... it's all about where you look and how you target your shots. The same reason that players shoot directly at the goalie is causing ...more

Faster Brain... Faster Feet

admin - March 14, 2018
Speed the brain and speed the body. Speed and agility training simply cannot reach it's full potentially if the brain is not trained to react at maximum speed.You'll see the hesitation that happens when youth soccer athletes start this type of speed / reaction training and then the lack of ...more

Indoor Soccer Foot Skills Development

admin - March 08, 2018
Young soccer players learning the fundamental foot skills needed to advance into premier players.more

Computerized Soccer Foot Skills

admin - March 08, 2018
Let's face facts... foot skill drills get neglected because kids find them boring. But we also know that foot skills translate directly into better players. So the trick is to get the kids to practice their foot skill drills in a way that's fun and challenging which is what our new SocrLabs ...more

Little Kickers Vernon Hills - The Real Story

admin - February 08, 2018
Little Kickers (Lil Kickers) in Vernon Hills is a new facility that teaches kids the sport of soccer but is it right for your child? Obviously, there are no 2 situations alike and what’s good for one soccer playing child is going to be different for another. Even at the different age groups, ...more

The Strong get stronger, while the weak are forgotten

admin - February 01, 2018
Every coach knows the simple math behind successful soccer players. The greater the number of touches on the ball, the better the player becomes. Certainly there are other factors involved, but it’s common sense that practicing more is going to create a better player than one that practices ...more

"Just a minute"

admin - December 28, 2017
When you respond with “just a minute”, it means you’ll reply or get onto the task immediately when you finish what you’re doing currently. When your kids yell out “just a minute”… well, that can mean a whole lot of things. At SocrLabs, when we talk about a “minute”, we’re talking about ...more