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admin - May 05, 2017
We were hoping that we could not miss a beat... ...but we just can't manage the crews, the deliveries and the training at the same time. To get the expansion completed, we'll need to close SocrLabs as follows: Thursday - May 4th (Closed) Saturday  - May 6th ...more

Libertyville Sports Complex

admin - May 03, 2017
The "Libertyville Sports Complex" is definitely a great facility if you're looking for a general purpose, all around type of place to go have fun, especially in the winter. It has 2 field hockey / lacrosse style turf fields, a batting cage, an impressive climbing wall (not open often ...more

Libertyville Indoor Soccer

admin - May 01, 2017
Libertyville indoor soccer has always been an "option of one" and unfortunately, this single option came with severe limitations of space and availability. Until now that is... but I’ll get to this in a second so stay with me. The trouble with the Libertyville indoor sports complex lies in the ...more

Hidden Secrets to Explosive Running Speed

admin - April 21, 2017
Youth soccer players don't really need to be taught to run, they already know how to run... right? But then why do we teach them the best way to kick a soccer ball when they already know how to kick a ball? It's not a matter of can a soccer player run, it's a matter of helping them run ...more

Practice Tired to Play Tired (well)

admin - April 20, 2017
You play the game the way you practice the game. If you practice without fatigue, you won't be able to perform at the end of the game when your legs feel like lead. When your chest is burning and the last thing you really want to do is chase a break away runner... that's when you lose the ...more

The War On Winning

admin - April 19, 2017
Is it just me?  Am I a little over sensitive? Or have you also noticed the onslaught of articles, speeches and posts about the "hazards of winning"? Because I just don't understand it. Organized sports is all about winning. Winning is why kids join organized ...more

Warren Blue Devils - Why They Win

admin - April 12, 2017
7 victories and 0 losses so far... now that's an impressive record and one the SocrLabs staff would gladly accept credit. 2-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren vs. Lakes 7-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren @ Highland Park 7-1 (W) - Gurnee Warren vs. York 6-3 (W) - Gurnee Warren @ Marquette 4-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren ...more

I'm not "all right" any more...

admin - April 11, 2017
Breaking old habits and starting new one; studies are all over the map when it comes to defining exactly what is needed to break an old bad habit and replace it with a new good habit. But one thing is universally accepted when it comes to habit… it requires repetition. Whether it’s 21-days or ...more

Massive Repetition of Hi-Tech Touches

admin - April 05, 2017
Fun... it's not about "touches" or "technology"... it's about having "fun" while building amazing soccer skills and a soft touch. Everyone knows there's no shortcut or magic bullet, it's all about putting in the "grind" and doing the work. But the "grind" is just that... a ...more

Speed & Control - 2 Essential Soccer Ingredients

admin - March 20, 2017
Soccer speed and soccer control... either can work but having both is the real secret to soccer success.  Youth soccer athletes training at SocrLabs are gaining both speed and skill through proper body mechanics, form, and structure while adding control to their game by putting their ...more