Day Passes

When you're looking for that "extra edge"... this is the package for you!

There's no question that you'll see a noticeable difference in speed, 1st touch, and reactive movement. It’s not for everyone, only the players serious about gaining that unfair advantage.

Oh yeah, SAVING 20% with this package never hurts either!

Our Price: $249.00


5-days might not seem like much, but this isn't 5-days of "practice"... it's 5-sessions of rapid touch, high frequency training with a low athlete to coach ratio and enough high-tech equipment to make a silicon valley startup envious. 

You'll visibly see a performance difference but we'll still provide you with the hard numbers just to back it up.

Our Price: $136.00


Join us for a fun and fast paced session at SocrLabs.

1-day is all it usually takes to know you want to come back for more. 

Our Price: $35.00